Graduation cap

The Faculty of Civil Engineering can award the titles Dr.-Ing. and Dr. rer. nat.. Doctoral studies topics are assigned directly by the chairs and teaching and research areas in the faculty.

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Admission to Doctoral Studies

application form and doctoral studies regulation

Doctoral students muss submit a request in accordance with §11 of the Doctoral Studies Regulation to have their admissions prerequisites reviewed. Photo: Nancy Olm

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Admission to Doctoral Examination

Books being leafed through

The doctoral candidate submits a written application to the Dean's Office for admission to the doctoral examination.

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The spine of a few dissertations

Here you can find all the dissertations that have been published at the Faculty of Civil Engineering since 1993. Photo: Nancy Olm

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Committee for Doctoral Studies

Here you will find the members of the Faculty of Civil Engineering's Committee for Doctoral Studies and when it meets.

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